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BioPad®, Patent Pending


BioPad®, Patent Pending
Eco Friendly Emitting Device
is a unique flexible corrosion inhibiting device constructed from 100% biobased non-woven material, resulting in a finished good containing 66% biobased content. BioPad® provides an eco-friendly sustainable packaging option for corrosion inhibition and has been awarded USDA BioPreferredSM designation ( BioPad® provides up to two times as much corrosion inhibiting action as related foam products. Not only is BioPad® biobased, but its high VpCI® concentration in combination with its thin design, results in material reduction by up to 94% in comparison to similar polyurethane foam emitting devices.

BioPad® is easy to use. Simply placing the correct size BioPad® into your package will allow metal items to be protected. Parts protected with BioPad® are always ready for use; no degreasing or coating removal is required, just remove item from package and put to use.
Package:  8"x 8" pads / 250 per carton

* Note : Available in special cut sizes for specific appllications, Please call for special quotes.
Price: $706.26

ElectriCorr VpCI-238


ElectriCorr® VpCI®-238 Multi-Metal Cleaner/Protector
Electrical / Electronic Equipment and Components Cleaner


ElectriCorr VpCI-238
is an electronic cleaner containing Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor(VpCI). This cleaner is specifically formulated for electrical/ electronic equipment, and components.

ElectriCorr VpCI-238 forms a thin film of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors effective against aggressive environments including industrial, marine, and tropical climates. This film does not alter the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of metal substrates.

ElectriCorr VpCI-238 can be safely applied to protect circuits or relays without causing any changes in conductivity. It can be safely used with most plastics, elastomers, and other nonmetallics.

ElectriCorr VpCI-238 is an effective inhibitor of galvanic corrosion for most metals and alloys normally found in electronics applications, such as aluminum, copper, ferrous, and other non-ferrous metals.

ElectriCorr VpCI-238 is free of CFCs and 1,1,1-Trichlorethane. Application provides instant corrosion protection. In cases where severe corrosion may occur,

ElectriCorr VpCI-238 can be used along with VpCI-100 series impregnated foam devices for extended protection.

Application: Integrated circuitry, bus bars, electrical stations

Protection: 50.0 ft2/can (4.65 m2/can).

Package: 9.45 oz. cans / 6 cans per carton. ( call for Carton Pricing )

Price: $19.99

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