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BioPad®, Patent Pending


BioPad®, Patent Pending
Eco Friendly Emitting Device
is a unique flexible corrosion inhibiting device constructed from 100% biobased non-woven material, resulting in a finished good containing 66% biobased content. BioPad® provides an eco-friendly sustainable packaging option for corrosion inhibition and has been awarded USDA BioPreferredSM designation ( BioPad® provides up to two times as much corrosion inhibiting action as related foam products. Not only is BioPad® biobased, but its high VpCI® concentration in combination with its thin design, results in material reduction by up to 94% in comparison to similar polyurethane foam emitting devices.

BioPad® is easy to use. Simply placing the correct size BioPad® into your package will allow metal items to be protected. Parts protected with BioPad® are always ready for use; no degreasing or coating removal is required, just remove item from package and put to use.
Package:  8"x 8" pads / 250 per carton

* Note : Available in special cut sizes for specific appllications, Please call for special quotes.
Price: $706.26

Boiler Lizards 3.3 lb Package
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Boiler Lizard™ Patent Pending
VpCI™ Boiler Lay-up
Description: Cortec’s Boiler Lizard® contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (V®pCI) powder in a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) water-soluble bag. The powder formulation is free of phosphates, heavy metals, nitrites and free amines. Designed for dry lay-up of boilers, the Boiler Lizard® powder protects metals in enclosed spaces.
Package: 1x3.3lbs (1x1.5kg) bag in a tube.
Price: $138.42

Corrosorber® Plastic Cup


Corrosorber® Plastic Cup / Corrosive Gas Scavenger
Description: Plastic Cup with breathable membrane 2.3" diameter x 1.27" H (58.4 mm diameter x 32.3 mm H).
Application: Corrosorbers absorb hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gases, while the VpCIs condense on the metal surface. The Corrosorbers will not interfere with the VpCI® protection, but instead will help absorb the gases that cause corrosion.
Protection: 10.0 ft3 (.28 m3).
Package:  Ea  / 10 per carton
Price: $10.90

CorShield® VpCI® 368 Extreme Outdoor Corrosion Inhibitor


CorShield® VpCI® 368 Extreme Outdoor Corrosion Inhibitor


* VpCI-368 Dries to a hard waxy film
* VpCI-368 is Excellent for harsh corrosive environments
* VpCI-368 offers Multi-year outdoor protection
* VpCI-368 is Containment resistant
* VpCI-368 is UV resistant
* VpCI-368 meets MIL C-16173E
* VpCI-368 meets MIL C-2218A
* VpCI-368 meets MIL C-83933A

Application: • Pipe coating • Parts storage • Underbody coating • Wire rope • Steel plate • Machined parts

Protection:VpCI-368 offers Up to 4 years protection

Package: 11 oz. aerosol can

* Note: 6 per case / Call or email for case qty discounts
Price: $17.99

CorShield® VpCI® 369 Wet Film Corrosion Inhibitor and Lubricant


CorShield® VpCI® 369 Wet Film Corrosion Inhibitor and Lubricant


* VpCI-369 is Non drying
* VpCI-369 has Excellent lubricity
* VpCI-369 is Self-healing
* VpCI-369 meets MIL C-16173D (Grades 1, 2 & 4)
* NSN 8030-00-244-1297

Application: • Wire rope • Electrical connections/wiring • Sheltered coating • Gear protectant/lubricant • Long-term (5+ years) equipment lay-up • Stamping oil additive • Drawing oil additive • Cylinders • Working/moving parts

Protection:VpCI-369 offers Up to 4 years protection

Package: Ea / CorShield® VpCI® 369 11 oz. (312 g) aerosol cans. / 6 cans per carton

* Note: Call or email for pricing on 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums
Price: $17.99

Desicorr™ Pouches


Desicorr™ Pouches

Description: Desicorr is a specially designed pouch to protect products from moisture damage. Whether in storage or in transit, products in nearly every industry require protection from moisture. Mildew, mold, rust, and an overall decrease in product efficacy are all common effects of moisture, costing millions in returned or unusable products each year. Desicorr pouches help prevent damage by absorbing moisture.

Application: Desicorr pouches are designed to protect goods within a sealed moisture barrier package or container from moisture damage.
Successful Usages Include:

• Semiconductors • Electronics components • Circuit boards • Relays, communication devices • Museum storage • Optical devices • Military instruments • Machine parts

Package: Desicorr Pouches come in cartons of 300 units. Pouches are approximately 2.75”x 2.5”x 0.125” and weight is approximately 5 grams

** normally ships within 2 -3 business days

Note : Call for special pricing or quantity discounts

Price: $251.46

Desicorr™ VpCI® Pouches


Desicorr® VpCI® Pouches

Description: Desicorr VpCI is a specially designed two sided pouch which contains a unique combination of desiccant and VpCI (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor). Desicorr VpCI pouches are ideal for protecting packaged ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion.

Unlike conventional desiccants, the dual function of the Desicorr VpCI pouches reduces moisture in the air (desiccant action) and provides multimetal protection (VpCI action) within a package. In essence, the desiccant action allows the VpCI to have free access to the surface of the metal, without competition from moisture on the metal surface.

Application: Desicorr VpCI is designed to protect products, components or assemblies when packaged in corrugated boxes, plastic wrap or bags, and wood or metal containers. One Desicorr VpCI emitter is designed to protect 1 cubic foot. Each Desicorr is able to absorb 1.65 grams of water.

Successful usages include :
• Completed assemblies, parts and components • Motors • Mechanical controls • Precision machined or stamped parts • Marine and commercial electronic equipment • Electrical equipment • Tools

Package: Desicorr Pouches come in cartons of 300 units. Pouches are approximately 2.75”x 2.5”x 0.125” and weight is approximately 5 grams

** normally ships within 2 -3 business days

Note :
Please call for special pricing or quantity discounts
List Price: $312.46
Price: $288.89

EcoAir VpCI Products


Compressed air propelled non-flammable sprays with VpCI Corrosion Inhibitor Technology
  • Cleaner/Degreaser
  • Rust Remover
  • Lubricant
  • Unique water based Corrosion Inhibiting properties
Price: Please call for pricing

EcoAir VpCI-324 Anti-Bacterial Penetrant



EcoAir ® Air Powered aerosol products
VpCI-324 Anti-Bacterial Penetrant 

  • Stops squeaks
  • Loosens rusty parts
  • Frees sticky mechanisms
  • Stops rust
  • Water displacing
  • USDA Approved
  • Multimetal protection
Description: VpCI™-324 sprayable lubricant is USDA approved.

Nonflammable and contains no CFCs. H-1 rating.

Contains bacteriostatic preservative

Application: Loosens rusty parts, displaces water and stops rust. Also frees sticky mechanisms.

Packaging: Ea / 10 oz. (284 g) / carton of 12

* Note : VpCI-324 is also available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers
          (Please call or email for pricing )

Price: Please call for pricing

EcoAir VpCI 337 Vapor Charge Fogger


EcoAir ® Air Powered aerosol products
EcoAir® 337 Bio-Based Interior Fogging Corrosion Inhibitor

Description: VpCI™-337 is a water-based fogger for corrosion protection in enclosed spaces.

  • Multimetal protection
  • Non-toxic
  • Dries tack free
  • For internal protection of crates, shipping boxes, containers, void spaces  etc.
  • Delayed release valve actuator
  • Nonflammable, extinguises fire!
Equipped with a delayed-released valve actuator, the product can be enclosed in a container and left to dispense.


Packaging: Ea / 13 oz. (369 g) / carton

* Note :  available in carton qty of 12 per carton
** Note : VpCI-337 is also available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers for larger applications
       ( Please call or email for pricing )
Price: $8.98

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